Pointed Perspective

Every one has a point of views.
Two ways, never one.

My view looked different from where I was. The sky was darker, the air stiff in my spine.

Your view looked different.
From where you were standing.
My heart shuddered.
Your smirk widened.
Clearly you have the upper hand.

But when did this battle begin. Two pawns yet to be played.

Both doomed in the end, to which the pens are still writing their own. Erasing, always changing, canceling each other out.

Defending, never pending. My point must always be sharp.

Here’s to shaking your hand.

The conclusion to the full story. No detail missed, in gathering each point of view. Laying down the swords and collecting perceptive perspective, that I somehow… chose to miss.

Shallow Heights  - what is the mind.

Shallow Heights - what is the mind.



Driving speedily down the highway, a kid gazing out the window. 

Complete confusion ruling the upper brow. 

How in the world, did the rows of trees get so straight. 
How can it be like clock work, every tick a space. 
Every tock a tree. 

The child knew it wasn't a mistake. 
But why fill a forest with no mystery.
Why take the fun out of getting lost on a sunny day. 

Little was known for the purpose of the years devoted to precision.
Growing tall, to be cut down. 
Seeds planted, to uproot the life gained. 

Now older. I drive by empty fields.
Questioning my sanity,
as I could've sworn this was where the hypnotizing rhythm
of the metronome had ruled. 
Tree space, tree space, tree space. 

Sadly, the reign had come to an end.
And even the tallest of trees will someday become:
the dancing embers on a cold winters day, 
the final place for a nail 
or an unnoticed playground for lichen and moss. 

But what happened to the forest planted for greatness? 
What happened to their sacrifice to structure? 

My Convictions.

- eb. 


Many of you know my brother, Aaron Brown. Talent machine, that is killer at most everything – including (but not exclusive to) the high hat, snare and bass drum combo, dancing and growing facial hair. I have no idea what I would do if he wasn’t in my life. Sure we fight, and have had our rough moments, but I consider him one of my best friends.

And as some of you, may or may not know – this past year and a half has been one of low blows and heartache for Aaron, and subsequently me. Not only, have we shouldered the death of two of Aaron’s friends – neither of them expected, but the enemy has taken camp on the health of two other amazing men of God. 

My cousin, in October of 2009 had severe lung failure. He was placed in ICU at sick kids, and for weeks on end we sat on the edge of our seats and waited for the doctors to figure out what was going wrong. To this day, no conclusion has been given and although he’s doing much better he has lost his vitality and the enjoyment of youth that no 17 year old should give up at such an age.

Now, faced with another bump –Aaron’s rhyming partner and all around bestie has been dealt the sickness card. Diagnosed, as he said, with severe Crohn’s disease, chronic Anemia and arthritis in his right hip (google it).

And as I write these words, I’m angry.

I’ve had enough.

I will not shed another tear on the enemy’s behalf.

I will not stand by as my generation literally FIGHTS to stay alive.

I will not stay silent for I know together we can see mountains be removed and cast into the sea.

So I don’t petition, I do not ask or request.

I beg you.

Stand with me as we shield with our prayers the ones we love.

Cry out for miracles, to see justice prevail and take back the lively hood the devil has unrightfully claimed.

Fight, as if these men of God were your own brothers, your own flesh and blood. 

“I’m like 96% sure my specialist is Muslim, and I’m gonna give him some Jesus love and than ill get healed and he’ll be saved! That’s how it works in my head anyways.”

That the works of God should be revealed.

We have the potential to see rewritten medical notes, and doctors retract their diagnosis. Life sits in the power of our tongues, so declare bold life and faith to see impossibilities become our reality. 



Living in Opportunity


John 2:1-10

3 And when they ran out of wine, the mother of Jesus said to Him, “They have no wine.” 

Jesus said to her, “Woman, what does your concern have to do with Me? My hour has not yet come.” 

I love how Jesus here, is like - Yeah… so? Woman/Mom - what does this have to do with me? It’s not my time yet. Leave me alone. But she urges the servants to listen to whatever it is He says. 

We often say, it is not my time yet. 

Jesus knew in full the ultimate timing of where He was supposed to be, and what His calling was. But He was pushed by even His earthly mother to perform a miracle. Because there was need, and He could achieve the impossible. 

We aren’t so familiar with our timing, we don’t necessarily know the plan that is unfolding before us. But we rarely take the opportunity to meet the need before us, and change the out come of situations we know with God can be made perfect.

Don’t just wait for “your time”. 

Be motivated by those around you.

Be spurred on. 

And when someone says, “Look at this situation, what can we do?”

Stop focusing so much on the future, that the immediate difference that can be made is completely lost. 


Dearest Lara,

Welcome to adulthood. 

As the clock has struck midnight, you can breath a sigh of relief. You’ve passed into the age of accomplishments. You’ve entered into the chapter of life that no longer expects you to misplace responsibility but places it gracefully on your shoulders with the highest hopes that you’ll accomplish everything that you set out to do. 

This past year, as I reflect on the victories and the disappointments that you’ve seen, my heart is overwhelmed with a sense of pride. I am so utterly blessed to call you my friend, and I am so grateful to be able to see you abound on the road you walk to fulfill your destiny. 

Your life is greatness, and out of brokenness you have been placed as an example of beauty, and strength. As grace works through you it reaches others that would have never had the chance to see what love and true life looks like.

I promise you, that reaching your potential will be as stretching as the heights that you’ve been called to. But in your growth, I will always be there. Distance may separate us, time may cause as to become familiar strangers. But you will forever be in my heart, as the girl that changed my life as she let me help change hers. And you will never really know, how much that has meant to me.

So as you grow another year wiser. 

Know that I love you, and always will. 

You’re my other half. 

Happy Birthday, and be blessed in this next year that is the beginning of the rest of your life as a true WOMAN in God. 



Today my beautiful best friend and room mate signed a modeling contract. She is amazing, and I love her for following her dreams. 

Suit Yourself, come and go as you please.

Suit Yourself, come and go as you please.

Your Love

I saw a picture today. No wait…

That’s not what it was.

I had a dream today. With my eyes wide open, it played infront of my heart.

I found myself on the top of a snow covered mountain and instantly I was scared. Danger, Danger! Flew up in shiny yellow tape, and my heart started racing faster than my lungs that were helplessly gasping for air. My mind started pacing over the reasons as to why I had made such a terrible mistake of wanting to climb the now defeated mountain. Why I thought in the first place that this challenge would be purely physical and not in the slightest a mental breakdown, as my mind crumbles faster than my buckling knees.

Breathe in, and know who I am.

Open your eyes, and see My beauty.

Let your heart feel the pulse, My beat - the passion that I have for you.

Th-thump, Th-thump.

Is all I can hear, is all I can feel.

Th-thump, Th-thump.

It breaks my concentration and brings me back to my planted feet. And as the bass drops low, and quiets down to a silent whisper that assures me I’m still alive I start to fit the jigsaw together as I awake from my semi-conscience state of awareness.

I had escaped the dangers of what I thought was death, but I still fear for your life. Held cautiously by a string, feathering and fraying; promising to break with the slightest of motion. But maybe if you could only see what I see, and feel what I feel then maybe your life would stop flashing like a looping film that won’t catch and play on.

If you could have your breath knocked out of you, not by words that hit you like fists when your down - but by a love that far surpasses the depth that goes beyond my own understanding. You may realize that the peak that you stand on isn’t another insufficient high, but that it’s the beginning to a life fulfilled by a love that has no limit.

As I replay the scene I saw moments ago - I know that this view has changed lives. From a point of no return to a point of new beginnings. That this view has captured the hearts of those caught between the fragile line of life and death, and has transformed the path at the fork in the road.

For we, we are not long here
Our time is but a breath, so we better breathe it
And I, I was made to live, I was made to love, I was made to know you
Hope is coming for me
Hope, He’s coming

That moment may come sooner than later for some but the choice is up to you - love is waiting. Love is here. What will you live to do?

I know he saw the beauty. Rest in Peace.